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Not too long ago, she was body shamed for her muscular physique until she shot back to silence her detractors (Read: trollers) by saying: Who decides what a woman should or should not look like? Because last I checked, I had the power and the choice over my body.

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Now, she is packing her bags to enter Season 10 of Bigg Boss. A source says, "If all goes well, Bani will be a part of Bigg Boss 10."

Barring the contestants, the show this year will also feature the aam aadmi--- who have been included to be a part of the game proceedings, and are expected to make a beeline for the same.

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There have been many names of 'participants' doing the rounds but not one has been confirmed by the show's broadcaster (Colors) yet. A couple of days ago, Kabir Bedi was being discussed in TV circles of having signed up for the forthcoming season. However, Bedi denied about his participation on social media.

Back to Bani. The 29-year old girl from MTV Roadies has almost confirmed her participation with Colors early this week.

Btw, does anybody remember her in Himesh Reshammiya's debut film Aap Kaa Surror? Bani was also seen in the Rajeev Khandelwal starrer Soundtrack.