528842 bigg boss - Reasons why 'Bigg Boss 10' will be a major gamechanger!
New Delhi: Attention reality show lovers, Indian television is all geared up to take the entertainment quotient up a notch in the next few weeks. Yes, it is that time of the year again and a new season of 'Bigg Boss' is roaring strong to take the small screen by storm.
So, it is time to say goodbye to all the cliched content and make way for the super entertainer that we call 'Bigg Boss'. There is no denying the fact that this series is hugely slammed by a section of the audiences. But, at the same time, it has proved its worth as one of the most entertaining shows in the history of TV worldwide.
A modern-day TV lover is not really interested in watching stereotypical daily soaps which include saas-bahu drama. At least, 'Bigg Boss' is arguably closer to reality.

This is one show which provides almost every emotion to its viewers. The previous nine seasons of this reality program are a firm proof that it packs romance, drama, action and much more.
And, the 10th edition of 'Bigg Boss' is promising to be the best one ever. Interestingly, it will also feature non-celebrity contestants. You read that right. The show is now a step closer to the actual reality. This decision of the showmakers might turn out to be a major game changer.

Don't know how? Well, let us explain.
'Bigg Boss' is already a massive success since the past decade. One of the reasons of this achievement is that it showcases real-life emotions (though many critics feels its purely scripted), unlike other programs. And, by bringing common contestants on board, the audience will sense a better connect.
Come on, nothing could be more interesting that watching a common man defeat a star. Isn't it?

Some recent promos of this year's edition have revealed that common people, who will be entering the show, will be bizarre in their own way. It wouldn't be easy for other contestants to pick a fight as stakes are higher than ever before this time. The pressure is getting stronger with every second. Will the participants be able to handle it? We can just wait and watch.

What to expect from 'Bigg Boss' season 10:
Salman Khan: Need we say more? The 50-year-old superstar is undoubtedly the biggest reason to watch 'Bigg Boss'. The show has played a great role in multiplying his popularity among the audiences of all age group and he truly deserves that. Salman has, time and again, been seen considering this program as an influential part of his life. The 'Dabangg' hunk makes sure that he takes out sufficient time out of his busy schedule for 'Bigg Boss'.

He is so dedicated towards the show that a special place (with comfy rooms and a fully-functional gym) was reportedly constructed especially for him right next to the controversial house so that he could make optimum use of his time.
Salman is never biased (though many of his critics would beg to differ) towards the contestants. If triggered, the 'Bhaijaan' of Bollywood can also be seen giving the participants a piece of his mind. He believes that it is his responsibility as a host to bring the best out of the show.
Format: Every year, we see a new theme to the reality series. Be it double trouble or hell-heaven, the theme of this show is always designed to bring forward the hidden aspect of the personalities of the contestants. And, this season, common people will get an opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrity contestants. Hence, we are expecting season 10 to be the most entertaining one till date. It is being speculated that all the home mates might get a role-reversal inside the 'Bigg Boss' house.

10 ka dum: It is the 10 edition of 'Bigg Boss' and Salman Khan is known for his '10 ka dum' on television. So, it won't be surprising at all if Salman is seen playing a bigger role this year.
Salman has constantly expressed his desire to part ways with the show but, somehow, he makes a greater comeback every year. But, this time, no such tantrums were up for display. Will the 'happy' Salman change the outlook of 'Bigg Boss'? We hope so. Just a few days to go and all questions will be answered.
Candid celeb chemistry: Last season we saw two biggest superstars of Indian cinema come together and flaunt their candid chemistry on this show. Obviously, we are talking about Shah Rukh and Salman here. The episode managed to fetch one of the highest ever TRPS of all times. In season 10, we expect more such celebrities to showcase their real selves on the show. 'Bigg Boss' has also become a platform for us to see the real personalities of our favourite celebrities.