krishnadasi002 - Colors to axe ‘Krishndasi’ for ‘Bigg Boss 10’
Colors has confirmed that it will axe ‘Krishndasi’ next month to make way for hit reality show ‘Krishndasi’.

According to sources, the final episode of ‘Krishndasi’ will air on Friday 14th October. ‘Bigg Boss 10’ launches on Sunday 16th October.

While UK telecast details are yet to be announced, in India, ‘Krishndasi’, which sits in the 22:30 slot, will bid adieu for ‘Bigg Boss 10’. In the UK, ‘Krishndasi’ airs at 21:30 and ‘Bigg Boss 10’ is expected to take that slot.

Incidentally, ‘Krishndasi’ launched as a replacement for ‘Bigg Boss 9’ earlier this year and has not been able to sustain numbers.