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It’s that time of the year again when TV fans will be glued to the screens to watch their favorite superstar Salman Khan and his popular reality show Bigg Boss season 10. The programme, which airs in October, has already created quite a buzz with speculations rife about it’s contestants.

So while the contestants’ list is not yet revealed about the upcoming season, but what is already assured are the never-ending controversies, gossip, love dramas, and +++++ing. With it’s unusual concept and format, Bigg Boss reveals the lesser known sides of the celebrities that agree to lock themselves in the house for 3 months, being under the constant scrutiny and chopped off from the outside world.

However, what you see is not the complete drama and picture. A lot of it’s part is edited and chopped off before it goes on air. There are also numerous reports that contradict what the makers of the show claim. We bring you some such shocking revelations. We bet you never imagined this happened inside the notorious house!

Inmates Make Love Inside The Loo

There has been a revelation that Bigg Boss contestants have +++ in the bathrooms. Since the loos have micro mikes fitted, the inmates keep the taps on during their acts. Ex-contestant Vivek Mishra revealed that many contestants locked themselves in the washrooms for a long time, to make physical relation.

Alcohol Is Served In Juice Packets

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There have been celebrities in the show who cannot survive without alcohol. Makers do take care of this and provide them liquor in juice packets.

A Cleaning Staff Is Hired To Clean The House
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Bigg Boss contestants take the initiative and divide the load when it comes to cleaning the huge house. However, it’s not true completely. While the inmates do a little bit of cleaning, there is a proper cleaning staff that comes and cleans the house!

Snakes and Scorpions Are a Common Sight
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Ajaz Khan revealed that snakes, lizards and scorpions enter the house, located in Khandala, quite often. This obviously freaks out many inmates!