pakistan should not bother playing india miandad 1474926960 2969 - Pakistan should not bother playing India: Miandad

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan legendary cricketer Javed Miandad Monday slammed Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president Anurag Thakur's statement saying Pakistan should not bother about playing with India as it is always India, who has backstabbed Pakistan whenever it comes to playing cricket.

It may be mentioned that Anurag, who is also a leader of the ruling BJP in India, in a recent statement last week said that there was no question of playing cricket with Pakistan.
Miandad questioned the BCCI saying did anybody from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) or the International Cricket Council (ICC) ever asked India to play with Pakistan, then why was Anurag giving such type of statements.
He said Pakistan team had so many threats in the World Twenty20 held this year in India but still they went to play there because they were sportsman and didn’t use backdoors to escape from such type of situations.
"The BCCI is full of such type of people, who for their own benefit can get down to your feet but when their interests are fulfilled they pretend like they don't know you," he said.
Returning to the country's cricketing affairs, Miandad praised the Pakistan Twenty20 team and skipper Sarfraz Ahmed for the victory against West Indies.
"Our Twenty20 team is way far better than West Indies and the green-shirts should clean sweep the series," he said.
Miandad said: “Our ODI team needs a lot of improvement and for that, we need to fix our domestic structure.
Only captain Azhar Ali should not be blamed for the poor show against England as the whole team didn't perform.
Every player needs to play their role in the ODI series against West Indies.
” Miandad said the PCB also needed to improve its cricket managing affairs.
"The right people (who know how to improve the game) should be given the right job," he added.