Bigg Boss 10: 5 mistakes of the ninth season that makers must avoid

Bigg Boss 10: The ninth season was dull for the greatest part ever. Here are some mistakes that makers need to avoid!

696278 - 5 mistakes of the ninth season that makers must avoid

It is just one week to the premiere episode of Bigg Boss 10. This year with celebs and ordinary citizens inside the house, it is a different ballgame altogether. The TRPs last year got many thinking (especially the makers) about what was missing from the show. It is crucial for the show to do well this year. Here is a look at five mistakes of ninth season that Bigg Boss 10 should avoid…

Do justice to the time slot
It will be airing from 10.30pm daily. This is a very tricky timing. You can air content that is slightly bold and risque as kids do not watch TV at that time. On the other hand, you need to hook audiences right from the initial episodes as people are choosy about what they watch post 10pm. Thankfully, there is not much of competition. Star Plus’ has repeat airing of Jaana Na Dil Se Door at 10.30pm while Sony TV airs Crime Patrol. This gives it some leeway but the makers need to pull out drama that justifies that timing.

Right contestants
Last year, the choice of contestants got a lot of flak. People were left wondering who are these people. It was mostly TV with the sole presence of Rimi Sen. Also, celebrities who are too laidback or do not wish to actively participate on the show won’t work. The makers last year brought in Rishabh Sinha, Priya Malik and Imam Siddique to spice up things. With common man coming inside, the celebs have to be really strong. One needs faces who have a past that make for gossip and are easily identifiable. 50 per cent of the people who came in last year did nothing for the show! That mistake cannot be repeated.

While voyeurism and risque is the order of the day for Bigg Boss, one cannot see a repeat of what Rishabh Sinha did to Kishwer Merchantt in season nine. For the uninitiated, there was a task where he made her crawl like a dog for more than two hours. A lot of people including actor Karan Wahi felt it was demeaning to women. The channel, Colors has faced a lot of flak in recent times especially after the Tannishtha Chatterjee episode. So, lines need to be drawn from the start.

Tasks that are physically arduous are passe. Honestly, they get boring after a while. We need something that is intelligent yet fun. Probably, a fun Q and A session where people are asked to get candid. This year with common men inside the house we can have some romantic games also. Somehow stuff like grinding atta, gardening, etc have lost their appeal.

We need more jokes inside the house. Period. Also, the lines written for Salman Khan need to be crisper and better. We know he is the best that Bigg Boss can get but his gags can be a notch higher. Hope the writers are listening!