salman khan on bigg boss 10 - Bigg Boss 10: Its rich vs poor this season, says Salman Khan
This time, Bigg Boss 10, hosted by Salman Khan promises to be more interesting than the earlier seasons of the controversial reality show, thanks to the presence of non-celebrities.

In an interaction with leading daily, Salman Khan revealed that Bigg Boss 10 is basically about rich vs poor.

"I am looking forward to them (non-celebrities). This time, on Bigg Boss, it's going to be a mix of people. There will be celebrities, film stars and the common man. It will be like rich versus poor. And meri class lagegi iss baar. (Laughs)

If I support the celebrities, the other group will say I am doing so because I am an actor myself. If I support the common man, the celebrities will say I have been asked to do it. So either way, I will be blamed but I am definitely excited about it," said Khan.

Bigg Boss 10 goes on air on 16 October, 2016. The makers so far have been tight-lipped about the show's contestants.
-- Quote Sourced from Dna