Bond Bigg boss - Will common men be asked to spy on celebs this time round?
Today Colors unveiled a new promo of Bigg Boss 10. Surprisingly, it has the James Bond flavour stating Bigg Boss 10 is when an aam aadmi takes the Pierce Brosnan route. What does this mean? Will the common men be spying on the celebs this time round. Or is it something different? The countdown to Bigg Boss 10 has begun and we are damn excited. It will start airing from October 16 on Colors and this is a totally different season. First of all, we have around six to eight common men inside the house and that in itself is a such a change. Over the years, we have wondered about how it feels inside the house. Now people are getting to experience it.

There is buzz that Deepika Padukone will be the first celeb guest on the show. Amongst celeb participants, we have Rahul Raj Singh and Arjit Taneja has almost confirmed participants for the show. Moreover, we hear that Salman Khan’s style will be damn casual and chic. It will be like his look on Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick. We are so excited to see how Salman will welcome the aam junta that has made him the superstar. From a tantrik to a wrestler, we have been teased in the promo with exciting options.

Why the Pierce Brosnan James Bond theme. Will the master of the house Bigg Boss ask the common men to keep a watch on the celebs? We know that it was Bigg Boss who used to see everything but clearly something seems different. We told you a few days earlier that the house of Bigg Boss 10 is a royal one. It is 10x bigger than what we saw in previous seasons. It has been designed in a combination of Rajwada and Moroccan architecture. The house will be luxurious for the inmates.

We are guessing what will happen if the common men indeed spy on the celebs? It will be a totally different scenario. We already told you how exciting it is to have common men with celebrities inside the house. The new season of Bigg Boss has some stiff competition in terms of weekend programming.