big boss 759 - Bigg Boss 10 house images revealed by Salman Khan

The countdown has begun as has the weekend. On Sunday, Bigg Boss 10 will land on your TV screens and Salman Khan will be the host. But before that happens, you are in for a lot of surprises. Salman gave us the first one as he took to Twitter to share the first images of the Bigg Boss house.The superstar is standing inside the house and it is bright and colourful as always. It was earlier revealed by sources that Bigg Boss house is always high on colour as it plays on the contestants’ nerves. This year is no exception.

What Salman has revealed is the garden area of the house, which is vibrant with a lot of focus on keeping it green. By and by, we will learn more about the house which will house the contestants and will have our attention for the next three months. The house is situated somewhere in Lonavala.Bigg Boss 10 is all set to begin on Colors on Sunday, October 16, 2016. During the duration of the show, Salman shoots for Bigg Boss over the weekends and a separate villa is constructed for him. It is luxuriously fitted and has everything that thee star needs, top priority being given to a gym with all the fixtures.

Bigg Boss 10 is supposed to be the show with a difference as common people will rub shoulders with celeb contestants. We only hope that the best man or woman wins!