Bigg Boss 10: Ex-contestants Keith Sequeira, Sambhavna Seth and Sara Khan talk about the common man factor this season inside the house...

Salman Khan in Bigg Boss Pic 1 - Ex-contestants Keith Sequeira, Sambhavna Seth and Sara Khan talkSalman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10starts off from tomorrow and everyone is very excited for it.This year, we have a mixed of celebrities and common men inside the house. We spoke to a few former contestants to know their reaction on this combination. Here are a few quotes…
Keith Sequeira
I feel this season will be amazing. I mean Bigg Boss is a show for the masses. Over the years, people are watching it on TV. This time they will get the real experience. Also, unlike celebrities these guys have no extra baggage. They do not have an image to live upto. So, I feel it will be an amazing season. And I will surely try to catch up with it.

Sara Khan
Yes, this year promises to be something different. I mean it is not a usual situation. I am sure Salman Khan will bring forth the best. I do follow Bigg Boss as and when I get the time.
Sambhavna Seth
Last year, it was too flat. I only watch Bigg Boss for Salman Khan. I am looking forward to this year because of the unusual combination. I hope they take in people who can fight if need be. The audience wants to watch fights, love triangles and masala inside the house. Last year, the fights seem to have happened for no genuine reasons. It looked very scripted. They have to change that now. I loved the Kushal Tandon and VJ Andy incident as Kushal lost his cool for a very genuine reason. I hope the show picks up this time.
Kushal Tandon
I am very busy with my existing show Beyhadh and would not like to comment on Bigg Boss. Thank you.
Sushant Digvikar
I am a little confused about this season. Honestly, I will be in Hong Kong till November so I will miss out on watching the show. However, I have a couple of friends going inside the house. I wish them all the best. My best wishes with Rohan Mehra.
Arvind Vedga
I feel this will be different and fun. The team has worked hard. Bigg Boss is a show for common man and this season exemplifies that. I always felt that people from different cultures should be brought in as it will add spice. I feel it will be very good as people from different walks of life are here. I always felt it was too boring to have only celebs inside the house.
Imam Siddique
I am quite confident that the aam junta will bajao the celebrities Ghanta. The clock is ticking, the countdown has begun. Here’s wishing Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, Endemol Shine India, Colors and everyone associated with the show a season of unlimited masti and lots of fun.