naveen prakash big boss 1 - Navin Prakash Bigg Boss 10 Contestant: Aam Aadmi Profile

Nerdy guy Navin Prakash is one of the common man contestants to have emerged this year on Bigg Boss 10. This 26-year-old teacher who mentors UPSC candidates in Delhi is planning a stint inside Bigg Boss house. Born on 25th July 1990, he loves reading, writing and listening to music. The Delhi University graduate is a poet, activist and a public speaker too. Navin is from a remote village called Jhajha in Bihar, he is the most educated among the shortlisted candidates on Bigg Boss 10.Currently, he living in Delhi and has been a student leader during his college days. Getting through the auditions as the non-celeb on the show is an achievement for this guy, who now wants to crack the final list of participants on Bigg boss 10, which will be hosted by Salman Khan.

Navin might be an academician, but his social media pages reflect another sight of him, full of life and like to write poems. When he was a student leader in Delhi, he spoke extensively on the cons of the CSAT paper in India. He even has a website in his name which reads:
“On a whole, this man may appear to be a wisp of a person with a tiny frame but he is no less than a messiah for his students and those that have interacted with him from close quarters— “A picture speaks for itself, what learned exposition does it need? The paper on which it is painted is only its outer garment: it tells its own tale indeed.”

naveen - Navin Prakash Bigg Boss 10 Contestant: Aam Aadmi Profile