BB 10 3 1 - Manu Punjabi plays DIRTY mind games with Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa, who entered the Bigg Boss house as a celebrity contestant didn’t really bond with her fellow celebrities. By the second week, we saw her chilling with the team common folk. She particularly got quite close to Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar. While many thought that something was brewing between Mona and Manu, Later we came to know that the two of them have their special someones outside the house. Both Mona and Manu maintained that they are good friends, and on multiple occasions had each other’s back.
But surprisingly, Manu has started playing dirty games with Mona Lisa, which is definitely not cool. So yesterday, Mona Lisa was feeling quite low. And Manu, who claims to be her “good friend” walked up to her. Everything was fine till here. But then instead of consoling her, he gave her an advice, which for us was quite shocking. Manu told Mona to call it quits from the show, reasoning that she is not happy inside the house. Wow! He added that for whatever reason Mona has been on the show, is fulfilled, which is why she should opt for self-elimination. Talking about some brain-washing. Nice way to reduce your competition there. We just hope Mona Lisa doesn’t fall for these tricks.