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Rohan won a task and has become the second captain of the house.
Ab jitna bhi bol lo ki celebrity and Indiawalo ke beech ka deewar gir chuka hai, let me tell you that’s not true. Indiawale are not happy with Rohan being the captain and since Lopa lost, woh bhi bharki hui hai.

Who’s The Captain?

Now people are thinking Rohan’s captaincy is the cause of all the fights inside the house. Par ye chuza murga kab bana? Well let me tell you, ye chuza toh abhi bhi wahi hai, just that murga koi aur hai jo isse kaam karwa raha hai.

Bani might have given up her captaincy, but uski hukumat jari hai through Rohan. Rohan basically doesn’t have the guts to be a captain in this house and also has no clue what to do. So Bani comes in to his rescue, directs him slyly and gets things done her way. Slow Clap.

When Rohan asks the gundas of the house, Manu and Manveer, to go into jail without giving any particular reason, the boys lose it and refuse point blank, leaving Rohan in shock. Rohan baby, what did you expect?

Time For Some Fireworks

Lopa stands up for Manu and Manveer (clearly they don’t need her) to prove that she could have been a better captain. She questions Rohan’s decision and that leads to a nasty fight and all this happens in the BB house’s favourite fight zone, the kitchen. So naturally kuch torna toh banta hai, yaar effects ke liye!