george - George's mother
Mary Woronov
George's mother hired twin sisters to babysit him because she thought they looked cute. What she didn't know was that they tortured him unmercifully, and that he fell in love with them. He was only six. Even later when they wouldn't talk to him in grade school, he loved them. And after they went to college, he continued to visit them in his fantasies, fantasies that years later he described in detail to several well-recommended prostitutes and to the sixty-year-old Jewish lady, who was his shrink. So you can imagine his excitement when he ran into the sisters at a fashionable resort, and they invited him on their morning hike.
Still unmarried and quite beautiful, they walked ahead of him through the silver leaves as he told them how he felt. With trembling fingers he pulled the switches off the trees. With his face pressed into the dirt and the dappled sunlight playing on his naked body, he waited for his dream to begin.
The beating was average. At first the girls giggled too much, and then they were too heavy-handed, making it too painful. But what was really humiliating was that afterwards they stole his wallet and his shoes. George never saw the sisters again. He thought about them all the time, but that was a lot more pleasant than seeing them in the fles