Silent Island is a mobile application for the mobile phone which has created a buzz among all the mobile phone users. Everybody wants to have one of it and this gem is called apple iphone. Among the top list of apple iphone applications Silent Island holds a spot of great height. Silent Island is actually melody based software which plays carefully selected melodies which can take you far away from the stress of the everyday life. It brings you peace and creates a soothing environment and with its calming rhythm and melodies you can rejuvenate your soul and body. You can get Silent Island from the apple’s iphone iTunes list and you will certainly have to pay a nominal cost for downloading Silent Island.

29681 sm - Stay Close To Nature With Silent Island
Features of Silent Island:

1. Silent Island has inbuilt melodies and all the melodies in its library are categorized into 6 different categories.
2. Silent Island has many modes among which the most prominent modes are the morning and the night mode. The mode plays the music which suits that time of the day.
3. When you are in morning mode, then switching to the night mode is as easy as tapping the screen of iphone. At the top right corner of the screen there is an icon of moon, just tap on that icon to switch to the night mode.
4. The sound clarity is so superb and even the interface is clean and easy to understand that almost any user can easily operate it.
5. Silent Island also has a very spectacular Illumination Mode and this mode is my personal favourite. This mode actually uses all the potential of the iphone’s vibrant and bright display and fills your room with the spectral colours before you go to sleep. Simply wonderful.
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