i - Install TweetDeck On Ubuntu Linux
Letís see how can you install tweetdeck on ubuntu

As You tweetdeck is an adobe air application so you will need to first install adobe air runtime on ubuntu

Installing Adobe Air On Ubuntu

1. Download Adobe Air for Linux from the url given below


2. After Downloading place the file named adobeair_linux_al_033108.bin in a any newly created folder by you.

3. Right click on the file adobeair_linux_al_033108.bin and select properties, now click the permissions tab and check the box which says Allow executing file as program.

4. Copy the file adobeair_linux_al_033108.bin in home folder in ubuntu.

5. now, open terminal and type the following command

chmod +x adobeair_linux_a1_033108.bin

type this command now to run it to get installed

sudo ./adobeair_linux_a1_033108.bin

6. This will install adobe air on your ubuntu linux, now you can downlaod any adobe air applications including tweetdeck.

Installing TweetDeck On Ubuntu

screenshot tweetdeck 300x225 - Install TweetDeck On Ubuntu Linux

After Installation of Adobe Air, downlaod tweetdeck from the url below, double click to install it


5iEL Nvhh1E - Install TweetDeck On Ubuntu Linux