Sms2Email Lite is a unique software tool which leads to the connection of SMS to your Email box.With the help of Sms2Email Lite user can keep record of his incoming messages by forwarding them to his Email box for further use. But this can be possible if the mobile phone has Internet connection enabled on the phone viz. GPRS/Wi-Fi/EDGE/3G.

Sms2Email Lite basically enables the user to keep on monitoring his Sms by forwarding them in an Email box via MMS .but for this functionality user must have MMS facility or Email account on the phone.

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Requirement for this software:
To install this software, your mobile device must be installed with the Symbian operating system.

Software launched:
Sms2Email Lite was launched on November 27, 2008 and since then it is widely into use by many mobile phone users and rightly so, keeping in view the ease it provides.

Features provided by this software:

Sms: This software basically stores all the incoming messages to the mobile in an email box but the one and only constraint to forward the message to email require MMS activation to the phone because message will be forwarded to the email with the help of MMS.

Email: Incoming message is forwarded to the Email box to monitor all the messages .This software also helps to monitor incoming messages by forwarding to the email by keeping track of the messages that how many messages are forwarded till now.

Forwarded Attachments: Incoming message are forwarded to the Email by making some attachments to the messages for keeping track of all the forwarded messages. So attachments are required for keeping record of forwarded messages.

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