Yograbo is the software which on installation on your internet enables mobile phone will let you to broadcast Live from your cell phone. This feature enables you to transmit any live event in real time using any of the wi-fi or GPRS connection on the mobile. With the help of this software one can view any live videos from anywhere on the mobile by just having an Internet connection either by Wi-Fi or GPRS.
Yograbo Live is the service provided by this software which will lead to the Live telecast on the mobile.

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This software can only be installed if and only if the mobile phone is already installed with the Symbian Operating System.

This software was launched on December 1, 2008.

Features provided by this software:
Video: With the help of this software a person can broadcast the live videos. He can view as well as send videos to any other mobile. This can be done if both the mobiles have internet connection enabled on their mobile.

Live: this software help to broadcast the live videos from anywhere in the country with the GPRS enabled mobile phone.

Broadcast: This software can also be used to transmit videos from one mobile phone to other in a real time and the other person can simultaneously view the video while receiving from the other mobile.

NOTE: But the only restriction for this software is to have GPRS enabled mobile phone, if your phone does not have the GPRS connection, then this software is of no use.

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