LEDBanner is a nice concept but what I can see is that the developers did not really put a thought to it before developing such a useless application. Now if you want to turn your 400 dollar iphone to a $50 LED banner sort of a thing, then go ahead download LEDBanner meant only for iphone. Itís quite obvious that every user has different perception but making fun of iphone is not a smart thing to do in any sense of the word.

ledbanner4thumbnail - LEDBanner : Display Text Message On Your iPhone

What LEDBanner does is it will display your custom text message on the screen of your iphone just as it would look on some LED banner but to add to all this crap is itís minimal or almost zero customizability. You just cannot do anything with LEDBanner other than just typing and displaying your custom message. You cannot even change the colour of the text or you cannot change the speed of the scrolling of the text. In other words itís a very rare iphone application which does not provide any features.

Features of LEDBanner:

There is not much to talk about the feature of the LEDBanner iphone application because what it does must be already very clear to all you. But I will brief it again for you
1. With LEDBanner whatever text you type in the display screen of the LEDBanner it will be displayed on the screen of your iphone.
2. Moreover what text or rather custom message you type will be displayed on the screen as a scrolling text.
3. That about what it does, it doesnít use the motion sensing technology of the iphone and not even the stunningly clear display. You cannot change the colour or the speed of the text.

However you can download the LEDBanner application for iphone from the links given below.
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