ZooZBeat is a mobile application developed for the apple’s iphone users and with ZooZBeat we also add the description of another iphone application in our mobile application category. As the name suggests and also from the image provided you must have got some idea about ZooZBeat. Well if not yet then here it goes, ZooZBeat is an iphone application which can be used to create your own custom music and for creating* music you can take the help of the six instruments provided on the home page screen of ZooZBeat.

With iphone and ZooZBeat all you innovation and creation is just a tap away. So download ZooZBeat to your iphone let you ideas flow and get going. Once you are done with your creation you can hear it on your iphone but cannot transport the file as mp3 to your desktop or laptop.

zooz1 200x300 - ZooZBeat : Create Your Own Custom Music On iPhone

Features of ZooZBeat:

1. ZooZBeat allows you to add layers of the music instruments and whats good is that you can keep repeating the already playing instrument while you add the new instruments over it. ZooZBeat can certainly give some inspiration to the boring musicians.
2. You can tap on different instruments to create notes and later on ZooZBeat also allows you to modify the already created notes if you desire. Moreover ZooZBeat also has a clear option which clears all the notes generated so far and gives you a plain area to work with.
3. ZooZBeat also enables you to add your own song or the song sung by you over the top of the music you have just created. So overall its nice fun to play with ZooZBeat and above all a great time pass.
4. ZooZBeat also provides support to the phone’s accelerometer with which you can create notes just by shaking and tilting the iphone. But this noting more than a joke, it’s highly imprecise.
There is much more to ZooZBeat that listed above. ZooZBeat however is not a perfect application but certainly can help the boring musicians gain some inspiration and new ideas.

Download ZooZBeat: