Do Not Disturb is mobile application developed to the serve the owners of windows mobile devices. Since mobiles are increasingly becoming the integral parts of our life, itís really hard to live without mobile phones. This very fact is one the reasons that makes the mobile phones a source of disturbance also.It could be that you donít want to attend calls on weekends or any other occasion or any other day, but at the same time there is a huge probability that you are also waiting for a very important business call.Neither you can switch off your mobile phone nor can you accept all the incoming calls or reject them.

Really a tough situation to be in but Do Not Disturb for windows mobile device is a mobile application designed especially to help you out in such situations.

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Features of Do Not Disturb for windows mobile devices:

1. Do Not Disturb for windows mobile devices has three in built profiles which are fully customizable. You can customize all the profile according to your needs and requirements. The three profiles are namely Default Profile, Sleeping and Working mode.
2. Each profile also has its own default settings which you can later on change. For instance the work mode profile blocks all the calls from the unknown numbers and also selected numbers list which you can customize.
3. You can also add the list of numbers you do not want a call in the Do Not Disturb list. Adding the numbers is very easy and can be done easily by browsing your phone book or you can also add the entries manually by keying in the phone number.
4. However the calls will be blocked but they will still appear in the missed calls list so that you can see the list later on and can call back if by chance you have missed on an important call.
Currently Do Not Disturb for windows mobile devices is available as a free download but only the beta version has been released yet.

Supported phones: windows mobile phones

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