Home Design is a convenient application that is a tool for creating professional interior design! Using the program, you can easily create, design, furnish, decorate your home and share ideas with other users.

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The ability to draw in 2D and 3D adjoining area, rooms, partitions, etc.

Change the height or thickness of the walls, form the corners.

Add doors and windows. You can completely resize their elements

Design, decorate the interior and exterior of your home

Choose among thousands of pieces of furniture and accessories.

Edit any object, changing its size, color, location and height of placement on the walls.

Duplicate your favorite items with the copy / paste function.

Use the undo / redo function when you want to go back.

Use the eyedropper to find the existing color in the plan.

You can also import pictures as a texture and use them anywhere.

Import any plan and display it against the background of your project.

Due to compatibility with different platforms, you can export and continue your projects on other devices.