MPG is a mobile phone application which is can be used against the log book in your car which maintains the daily log record of the car. MPG, an iphone application has the ability to track almost all the features which you can imagine and one thing is assured that the list of tracking parameters is quite vast thereby providing the full functionality for what it is meant to be.

MPG, an iphone application can track fuel, oil changes, trips, inspections, tire rotations, tune-ups, windshield wipers, car washes, and other miscellaneous expenses for your car. Initially or rather originally the MPG mobile application was developed for Palm OS program but later with the advent of iphone it was also developed for iphone platform.

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Features of MPG for iphone:

1. MPG transforms the paper based information about the information of your car to pocket based information which is saved in digital form in glovebox.

2. As soon as you install the application the first thing you will notice about MPG for iphone is its very crappy user interface but at the same time the interface is also quite functional.
3. In a nutshell, MPG for iphone takes care of all the above said functionalities and also provides statistical data information generation. This implies that you can see the mean miles per gallons graph, average price of gas and the total cost of the fuel used can be approximated accordingly according to the input values.
4. With MPG for iphone you can also calculate the time taken for a particular journey and alongside that you can also calculate the distance of journey.
5. MPG for iphone also possess the ability to show the outputs or inputs using the following metric units namely US, Metric, UK, and Canadian
MPG for iphone undoubtedly seems to be a very simple application but it is stuffed with all the general features. Another thing you should know is that MPG for iphone is not available as a free download and it has to be downloaded from the apple store.
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