Video to mp3 converter is the android app which is literally all in one package. This mp3 converter provides the basic three functions like video to audio converter,mp3 cutter and video cutter. You have no need to download any other app if you have this video to mp3 converter.
mp3 convert is the core functionality in ringtones making. Any video that contains a special tune can be converted in to an audio. This the audio extraction process that is done with this mp3 converter.
With the audio trimmer function you can cut any audio with the help of this audio cutter. you can select two points and the this audio trimmer app will trim the audio between two points. After the trimming you have a set of options through which you can set this audio as a ringtone. You can also trim any video between two points with this video trimmer. This is a free android app and you can download this app by clicking any hyperlink in this paragraph.