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    candel Flashlight For iPhone

    Iphone has it all and for all the features those are missing in iphone, there are applications developed specifically for those purposes. Letís take an example of Flashlight which is an iphone application, there may be times when you feel the need of a quick shortcut to source of light in your mobile phone, just like nokia has it in some of its mobile phones and for this very purpose Flashlight was developed which turns the 3.5 inch screen of your iphone into a very bright source of light.

    gi 0 doappmyliteiphone - Flashlight For iPhone

    The functionality of this iphone application called Flashlight is very simple and does the same job over and over. What it actually does is, it switches the resolution to maximum brightness and a white light is displayed but this comes at a cost as using this iphone application will simply devour on the battery of your iphone. Well one thing that needs to be confessed here is that the light is not too bright but it is good enough to guide your way in any dark room.

    Features of Flashlight for iphone:

    Well there is nothing much to say about the feature of Flashlight, an iphone application other than whatever I have said above. But I would certainly like to explain about Flashlight via screenshots.
    This is how your installation screen will look like. Click on the install button to get going, well not click actually you need to tap on the icon, itís an iphone.

    2094850643 dfb80246d3 200x300 - Flashlight For iPhone

    Once you are done installing the iphone application, your screen will look like this when you run it.

    flashlight free 200x300 - Flashlight For iPhone

    Itís good to have this application installed in your iphone but there is nothing that you can customize in this application. I mean you canít even adjust the screen brightness which is the only function provided by Flashlight.
    Download Flashlight


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    Default Re: Flashlight For iPhone

    yahan pics missing hain i think

    8bffd51cd2705b99335ce635a13dbb09 zps81c9bfed - Flashlight For iPhone


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