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Thread: Record VoiceNotes On iPhone

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    candel Record VoiceNotes On iPhone

    VoiceNotes is an iphone application which serves the same purpose which is quite evident from its name. This iphone application is used to take voice notes or rather put it as it can be used to record audio may it be anything. I wonder why iphone is so popular, why people like it when the basic features are missing.

    For instance you cannot record video, itís like you have install an application for every feature. According to me this voice recording feature should have been inherently present in iphone but itís not the case which is quite expected of iphone.

    2 200x300 - Record VoiceNotes On iPhone
    Thanks to the hackers and the developers of iphone applications who come across such wonderful stuff. If it hadnít been the case, I phone for me would have been like a tap toy. When you install VoiceNotes in you iphone a new icon will appear on the home screen which looks like as depicted in the image below. Just tap on that icon to launch VoiceNotes and start recording voice.

    Here I will like to explain about the functionality with the help of few images. Once the application is launched, a screen will appear that will look like as the image below. The screen houses the record icon clicking on which will start the recording. When you need to stop recording just click on the finish recording icon.

    3 200x300 - Record VoiceNotes On iPhone

    By default the name of the file will be the current date and the time set in your iphone. to get more information about the file just tap on it and a list of actions will pop up including play, send to email, send to voice mail, edit name options.

    4 200x300 - Record VoiceNotes On iPhone
    For more information about the detailed installation procedure, visit this link

    Download VoiceNotes


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    Default Re: Record VoiceNotes On iPhone

    voice recorder jesa hoga jo har mob main hi hota hai almost

    8bffd51cd2705b99335ce635a13dbb09 zps81c9bfed - Record VoiceNotes On iPhone


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