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Thread: WordMobi - Control Your Wordpress Blog From Mobile

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    candel WordMobi - Control Your Wordpress Blog From Mobile

    WordMobi is a mobile application which aims at providing all the features of wordpress on your mobile phone. To be precise WordMobi is developed specifically for Symbian series 60 mobile phones.

    WordMobi is actually a client for worpress, written in python language which is open source, it means that anybody can get the code and with proper knowledge of python you can edit it on your own.

    wordmobi wordpress symbian client - WordMobi - Control Your Wordpress Blog From Mobile

    WordMobi is designed to help you in your daily activities related to managing your blog. You can perform all the operation like posting, approve comment, post delete, comments visualization right from your mobile phone and this certainly saves you time and the most precious bandwidth.

    Features of WordMobi:

    1. With WordMobi you can set the number of recent posts to be displayed and can also set the location of that list on the main screen of your blog.
    2. You can also write new posts, edit the existing ones and can also add images to the posts. You can save them as draft or you can publish them right away.
    3. It also gives you the post preview before publish option with which you can view how the post will actually look after it will be published.
    4. The best part is that while publishing a post, you may not like the images available on net and would like to add different images. You can do that by using the camera of your mobile phone to add the images to the post.

    There are also some bugs and issues reported which include Problem with comments updating, you cannot add categories in new post, lack of image retransmission options which means that if you are stuck with the image you cannot transfer it again and the last reported error is that if you hang up in a post then there is no option other than exiting the task and starting it all over again.

    Download WordMobi


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    Default Re: WordMobi - Control Your Wordpress Blog From Mo


    wordpress bht famous hai wese

    8bffd51cd2705b99335ce635a13dbb09 zps81c9bfed - WordMobi - Control Your Wordpress Blog From Mobile


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