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Thread: Download Video Mobile Converter For iPhone

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    candel Download Video Mobile Converter For iPhone

    Video mobile converter also known as ViO is primarily an iphone application. It was developed by the torrent search engine The Pirate Bay. The application is used to convert a given file format into a format that is compatible with the iphone. Besides converting the format it can also compress the file to one fifth its size.

    new picture3 300x244 - Download Video Mobile Converter For iPhone
    It is a light application and the process of file conversion is very fast. It can also be used for devices like play stations (psp), pda and iPod.
    The system requirements are as follows:
    Minimum 100 mb of free space on hard disk
    Intel or AMD processor of 1000 MHz
    Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista
    It is a very user friendly tool and it allows the user to specify the size of the output file and output bitrates.

    Install the application in your computer.
    Run the application.
    Load the file to be converted using the browse option.
    Enter the output bit rate and file size.
    Click on convert video to start the conversion.
    If you check the box that says shutdown on completion it will exit the application when the conversion is completed. During the conversion process it will show the estimated output size and the completion time.
    Another interesting feature that the user can install is the toolbar that comes along with the application. The toolbar allows you to download the .flv videos from YouTube by pasting the URL in the search bar. It also acts as a shortcut link to the video mobile converter.

    new picture 12 300x22 - Download Video Mobile Converter For iPhone

    Overall the application is a very useful one which comes in handy when you want to compress data or play your music video or audio files in your iphone.

    Download Video Mobile Converter (ViO)


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    Default Re: Download Video Mobile Converter For iPhone

    thanks for sharing

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