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Thread: WinAmp Remote - Control Winamp From Your iPhone

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    candel WinAmp Remote - Control Winamp From Your iPhone

    WinAmp Remote is an iphone application which is used to control the winamp player running on your computer. Now it may happen that you come home after a tiring day at your office. You lie down on your couch, relaxing and listening to soothing music coming from your pc. And just when you start to ease a bit a heavy metal songs starts bursting your head and getting up from your comfort zone to change the music is the perfect nightmare.

    winamp remote 281x300 - WinAmp Remote - Control Winamp From Your iPhone
    To avoid all this fuss, you just need to install WinAmp Remote in your iphone and then itís like having the remote control of your winamp player in your phone. You can switch between tracks, fast forward, rewind, stop or play any of your favourite track at the tap of the screen. Whats good is that the application is also very user friendly and easy to handle interface.

    Instructions to use WinAmp Remote:

    1. Download and install WinAmp Remote in your iphone and run winamp in your desktop.
    2. You need to have iAmpRemote winamp plugin running in your desktop to establish a connection between your iphone and winamp. The plugin can be downloaded here
    3. Care must be taken to install the plugin in the winamp directory.
    4. The next time when you start winamp, ensure that it is not blocked by firewall; you will be asked for the action.
    5. Then enter the ip address of your pc in the WinAmp Remote agent running in your iphone and remember to leave the password field as blank.
    6. You can find the ip address by typing ipconfig in command prompt and make sure that you enter the local ip address and not the external IP.
    7. Now launch the WinAmp Remote application in your phone and if the connection is established successfully, the client will appear on the screen.

    Download WinAmp Remote


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    Default Re: WinAmp Remote - Control Winamp From Your iPhon


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