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    candel Cellity Tweeter - Tweet From Mobile with Cellity T

    Uptil now cellity was known for its free sms service but with this application cellity has stepped into the market of micro blogging. With cellity tweeter, blogging from your mobile fun is made easy and a nice experience.the best part about cellity tweeter is that it available free of cost and runs on all the mobile phones which have Java (J2ME) platform. The size of cellity tweeter is around 16k.

    10007 - Cellity Tweeter - Tweet From Mobile with Cellity T

    I am sure that most of the people do not what twitter is so for all those people twitter is tiny little application with which you can stay in touch with all your friends and blogs no matter where you are. With twitter you can also follow people which mean that you can receive their tweets directly on your mobile phone or according to the preferences you have set. You can set different preferences for different people.

    For more information refer this link

    Features of cellity tweeter:

    1. Cellity tweeter has “my timeline” feature which shows last 20 messages in the timeline specified by you.
    2. There is also another feature called public timeline which shows the current 20 messages from different users.
    3. Another feature is there which shows the timeline of any of your friend.
    4. With cellity tweeter you can easily know who is following which is displayed under the follower list and it also displays your list of friends.
    5. There are two types of messages you can send and receive via cellity tweeter; these are direct and private messages.
    6. There is another feature with which you can send sms and email with a link to a download to any new user.

    The services provided by cellity tweeter are free but you may be charged for the services provided by your network operator.

    Download cellity tweeter


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    Default Re: Cellity Tweeter - Tweet From Mobile with Celli

    Blogging wo b mob se

    8bffd51cd2705b99335ce635a13dbb09 zps81c9bfed - Cellity Tweeter - Tweet From Mobile with Cellity T


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