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    candel iCrossword - Crossword Puzzle For iPhone

    Though not many people like solving crosswords but there are many who do like it which includes me. I m big time fan of crossword puzzles, it really interests me. I remember when I was a student, how much time I use to spend on solving the puzzles and this has not changed even till today. I still do it over the morning newspaper but with this iphone application I guess I will be able to change my habit. Itís always better to save time and utilize the free time as my free time will now be occupied by iCrossword.

    icrossword3 212x300 - iCrossword - Crossword Puzzle For iPhone

    After my first game it could sense some problems with it and that was expected actually since the application is only in its initial stages and requires quite some improvement. The first and the foremost flaw is the way you need to enter the letters. You need to tap the next box before you can enter any letter in it and this is very annoying. You canít type naturally and more conveniently.

    Another thing which I didnít like at all is that when you click on the clues, the pop up covers the entire screen area, I would have preferred if it occupies as less space as possible. Disappointed with this iphone application, one more drawback is that you cannot load another puzzle if you have already loaded one. You need to exit the application and reload the puzzle again. Finally, to add to the list of flaws, the display is also very zoomed in and this makes it very difficult to navigate. You need to tap many times in order to scan the entire screen so that you can see the complete word if it is long enough to go out of the screen area.

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