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Thread: XnView - View Images On Windows Mobile

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    candel XnView - View Images On Windows Mobile

    XnView is a mobile application developed windows mobile devices. The application was designed with aim of providing a one stop solution related to the visualization of images and photos on the smartphones.

    XnView has full support for more than 400 different formats and it certainly has the requisites to make a very good picture viewer application.

    xnview 225x300 - XnView - View Images On Windows Mobile
    The features of the application range from a very nice and clean interface which is very easy to understand and operate. The best part about XnView is that its functionality is not just limited to viewing images and photos but you can do much more with it. There are a lot of tweaking tools which would never let you get bored. To discover more about the application read the list of features given below.

    Features of XnView:

    1. The application supports most of the popular languages so that language is no bar in using this application and the reach of the application can be made worldwide.
    2. You can also decide how you want the images to be showed on your screen as XnView supports 5 display modes which include Thumbnail, List, Detail, Filmstrip and full screen.
    3. XnView also has a sorting feature lets you sort the different images depending upon different parameters such as name, the date, the type, the size and the definition. Itís entirely on you if you want the list to be arranged in ascending or descending order.
    4. You can also resize the images; correct the gamma, contrast and brightness.
    5. You can also create image transitions and add effects to them so that you can show your album to your friends.
    6. XnView also provides the option of format conversion between all the supported formats.
    7. You can also mail your images and photos or the transition effects you have created to your family and friends.

    The list of features doesnít end here. To view the complete set of features visit this link

    Download XnView

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