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Thread: Quick Sword - Find A Verse From Bible On Mobile

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    candel Quick Sword - Find A Verse From Bible On Mobile

    It is a mobile phone application for windows mobile. It helps the user to find a verse from The Bible. It makes use of SharpSword’s Bible content. It helps the user to find the verse he/she is looking for inside the bible. It is not a complete bible but it will give you to the verse you need. The search process is a very fast one and is very efficient.

    new picture9 245x300 - Quick Sword - Find A Verse From Bible On Mobile

    You need a windows mobile pc to run this application. It works well with windows mobile pc 5, 6 and its future versions. The download link to quick sword is provided below:
    QuickSword download at Freeware Pocket PC

    The features of Quick Sword are:
    • It helps you to find a verse from the bible.
    • It is very fast due to this small application.
    • It is user friendly and people can work easily with finger touch.

    To start using Quick Sword download the application from the link mentioned above and install it on your windows mobile phone. After installing the application, you can start with the search procedure.
    • To search for a given verse, type your query or few words from the phrase in the search box.
    • You can also select the books to search from that is you can enter the starting and ending book. The result will have verses from in between these books only.
    • You can also show the maximum number of verses that will be displayed in the output.
    • There is also an option of Quick Pick. By using this option, you can select for example Old Testament and New Testament.

    Overall, it is a very good application that helps you find a single or multiple verses from the processes are fast and efficient.

    Download *Quick Sword

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    Default Re: Quick Sword - Find A Verse From Bible On Mobil


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