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    candel Mobile Web Server - Host Your Mobile Website On Yo

    Mobile Web Server also known as Raccoon is an application program that runs on your hand held device. With the help of Mobile Phone Server your phone or the server on phone can be made accessible via a web browser. With the help of this feature you can access all the data stored inside your phone. You can also share the music and video files with your friends. The mobile web server works on S60 platform.

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    The Mobile Web Server software consists of:
    • Port of apache web server connected to the S60 dependent phone.
    • A connection by which we can send http traffic from the internet to the mobile.

    The steps to be followed to make your phone accessible on the internet via the web browser are:
    • Register you device on this website and provide your device with a name. This name cannot be changed in the future.
    • Install the mobile web server indie your phone. You can download the software from this location
    • After the setup has been installed, connect to the mobile via a web browser.
    • Now you are ready to transfer music files, contacts lists, sms and calendar.
    • You can also create a blog on your mobile phone and let other people read it and express their views.
    The default functions present in the mobile web server are:
    • Create a blog
    • Send sms to mobile
    • Share calendar information
    • Share contact information
    • Share gallery
    • Share phone log

    In addition to this we can add our own pages. For limiting the access to data go to the “users” section in settings. It has large scope in the near future. You could edit your contact list while sitting on a pc and update the changes inside your mobile. The time for which the server is active depends on the battery life of the phone.

    Download Mobile Web Server

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