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    candel Google Mobile App for iPhone

    ‘Google Mobile App’ is the first application developed by google for iphone. The major goal of this iphone application is to provide quick and better search to the users. There are many internet search applications available and all of them perform the same function or rather approximately the same function. Google Mobile App for iphone is different from others and it had to be different as it comes directly from the home of google.

    2706299919 b50eb48113 200x300 - Google Mobile App for iPhone
    Unlike most other applications Google Mobile App provides the feature of speak and search which means that you just need to say what you are looking for and the search will start automatically. Hold the phone close to your ear and wait for the beep, after the beep say what you are looking for and rest will be manages by this gem of an iphone application.

    The best part is suppose that you are standing in xyz place and you want to find all the food locations in that area then you just need to tap in “ food locations” or just say it, Google Mobile App will automatically take the information about where you are standing and will provide precise and relevant results. Moreover this iphone application has a single integrated search box which allows you to search the internet and also your contact list so that you don’t have to minimize the application to look for your contacts.
    Integrated with the so called smart features, Google Mobile App has all the ingredients to make it to the top. For instance, as soon as you start typing in the search box, the most searched items or the most popular items are displayed along side. There is also an auto complete option, which memorizes your search pattern and suggests you accordingly.

    Download Google Mobile App

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    achi service hai

    8bffd51cd2705b99335ce635a13dbb09 zps81c9bfed - Google Mobile App for iPhone


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