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Thread: VNSea For iPhone - Connect iPhone To Your PC or La

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    candel VNSea For iPhone - Connect iPhone To Your PC or La

    The concept of wireless connectivity is increasingly becoming part of lives of people and VNSea is one such iphone application which lets you connect to your pc or laptop from your iphone. No matter where you are, you are always close to your pc if you have VNSea installed in your iphone. In the beginning when this iphone application was initially released it had only basic features which could do nothing more than get you acquainted with the application. But with the release of latest version of VNSea you can do much more than just moving your screen around or control your pc objects through your iphone.

    With this iphone application you can also send files remotely from your pc to some other person. Imagine the situation when you are away from your desktop and you need to send some a file which is in your computer; well solution to this is VNSea. If you have a webcam wired to your pc then you can also see whatever is captured by the webcam on your iphone, that really a wonderful feature.

    medium 1399562139 e79182e1db o 200x300 - VNSea For iPhone - Connect iPhone To Your PC or La

    But to get VNSea working you need to satisfy some criteria which include that you should have winvnc.exe running on your pc but my personal favorite is ultra VNC. Ultra VNC is available as a free download which can be easily found, just google it. Second thing is that if you have your pc protected by a firewall; make sure that you have configured it to accept incoming connections on port number 5900. The third and the final thing you need to do is to map your WAN ip to your pcís ip. It will be really nice if you have a static ip address then you donít have to map it again and again.

    Download VNSea

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    Default Re: VNSea For iPhone - Connect iPhone To Your PC o


    8bffd51cd2705b99335ce635a13dbb09 zps81c9bfed - VNSea For iPhone - Connect iPhone To Your PC or La


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