How can we use recovery console to repair computer. Recovery console can used a last option for repairing windows when your computer does not boot at all even in the safe mode.


Note: Microsoft recommends using recovery console only after none of the startup options work to boot your computer including the safe mode. Recovery Console is recommended only if you are advanced user who can use basic commands to repair the problems caused.


But mind it, Recovery console is not that difficult to use when you have some information about the command available with recovery console and what can you do with them. You can start up the recovery console by booting up with Windows XP bootable CD and When you see the welcome screen, press R to start the recovery console.

recoveryconsole thumb - Guide To Use Recovery Console On Windows Computer

Lets discuss about the commands available with windows recovery console and procedure to use recovery console.


Following are the some of commands you need to know, included in windows recovery console

1. Attrib – Changes the attribute of the file or directory

2. Batch – Executes the set of commands written in a text file, or specified in the input file you specify.

3. Bootcfg - Modifies Boot.ini file for changing boot configuration 

4. CD or ChDir – changes the current directory

5. Cls – Clear the screen to remove the recently typed command history

6. Copy – Copies one file to a target location

7. Del – Deletes a particular file

8. Exit – To exit from recovery console

9. Fixboot – writes new startup sector on the system partition

10. Fixmbr – Repairs the startup partition master boot code

To refer to the complete list of command and their meaning refer this page


After you have learned about the various commands of recovery console you nee to know how to use start recovery console from a windows XP bootable CD.


How To Use Recovery Console


To Run the recovery console from a windows XP Bootable CD, follow the procedure below


1. Insert the Windows XP Bootable CD into the CD/DVD Drive

2. Restart your computer and boot from CD

3. When the “Welcome to Setup” Screen appears, press R to start recovery console

4. If you have dual boot configuration on, you will need to select the partition on which you start recovery console

5. When you are prompted, type the administrative password or if the administrative password is blank, just press enter.

6. Now use the commands mentioned above to repair your computer and type exit and press enter to exit recovery console and restart your computer.