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    candel Taptu - Mobile Search Engine

    Taptu is a mobile search engine. It allows the mobile users to search the internet and share stuff with people. On Taptu you can listen to song and watch videos that are most searched or most shared. It works on similar lines like Google but the search results are mobile friendly. The search results generated are mobile centric.

    new picture5 178x300 - Taptu - Mobile Search Engine

    Taptu is free but the user may be charged by the network operator depending upon the size of the page being visited. With Taptu you can find a lot of interesting stuff with a simple search query. The search results generated in Taptu are a result of algorithmic search, social opinion and editorial review. Due to the human interface the unwanted results are omitted from the search results.

    Taptu search is available at the address type in your query inside the search box. The search is very fast and efficient. The number of clicks required to find the desired result has come down to 10 clicks. The output of a search query “beyonce “is:

    new picture 13 225x300 - Taptu - Mobile Search Engine

    In the output to the query you can see:
    • Image thumbnail of the result.
    • Type of file (video, song, artists, lyrics, wiki, web pages etc).
    Some of the prevalent features of Taptu are:
    • You can register on Taptu. Taptu then sends you the search results via a sms or an email.
    • Advertising companies can also place their companies advertisements on Taptu.
    • You can also put a hyperlink to Taptu search page on your website.
    • Taptu is available in a lot of different languages.

    Overall Taptu is a very good search engine that allows the user to search for music on hand held devices like mobile phones.
    Download Taptu

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    Default Re: Taptu - Mobile Search Engine

    acha hai

    8bffd51cd2705b99335ce635a13dbb09 zps81c9bfed - Taptu - Mobile Search Engine


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