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Thread: Profile Scheduler - Schedule Your Profiles

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    candel Profile Scheduler - Schedule Your Profiles

    Profile Scheduler is an application program that provides the users with automatic profile switching function. The profile switch takes place as per the user-defined schedule. The user can change the phone profile as per his requirements. It also save you the embarrassment of not having the phone on silent at certain places on certain times like lecture rooms, board meetings and places of worship. All you need to do is make the schedule in profile scheduler and your profile will be changed accordingly.

    new picture 12 - Profile Scheduler - Schedule Your Profilesnew picture 21 - Profile Scheduler - Schedule Your Profilesnew picture 31 - Profile Scheduler - Schedule Your Profiles

    The key features of the application are:

    It is a light application. Due to this, it is also very fast.

    The application is very user friendly and easy to install and use.
    It allows you to select the profile like silent, vibrate and ringing mode.
    It allows you to select when the particular profile is active that is whether it is active on a particular day or every day. The options are once, everyday, monthly etc.
    You can also select the time at which a particular profile is activated on a given day.
    You can have more than one profile change in a given day. The profile will change according to the schedule.
    The system requirements are:
    It requires Symbian Operating System 9.1 for its operation.
    The application has worked well with Nokia S60 phones.
    The setup required for installing the application can be downloaded free of cost. The download link for Profile Scheduler for symbian operating system is given below:

    Download*Profile Scheduler for symbian

    Once you have downloaded the setup and installed go to this link and mark the following SWEvent, Read User Data, Write User Data, User Environment ,Read Device Data And Write Device Data.

    Overall, it is a very good application that allows the user from hassles of changing the profile before entering a lecture room, board-meeting etc.You can just save your profile schedule, and the application works for you.

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