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    candel My eBay Application For iPhone is a website through which you can bid and shop. So install this iphone application so that you never miss on any important bid. Iphone My eBay is not only for iphone but it can also be used in your iPod touch. With iPhoneMyeBay you can search, track or bid right from your iphone or iPod touch. IPhoneMyeBay is approved by after it has passed the rigorous security requirements of IPhoneMyeBay is also listed in the apple store web application directory and bears a certificate of compatibility with Now that says it all for the security aspect of this iphone application.

    ime demo 157x300 - My eBay Application For iPhone
    IPhoneMyeBay is absolutely free application which supports all the functions of iphone. You just need to tap on the item you want to know more about and the information will be displayed. To get it working you need to log on to iRibbit - eBay on the iPhone from your iphone and simply search for any item. At the time of biding you will be asked to sign in with your eBay id and password and thatís it.

    Features of iPhoneMyeBay:

    The features of this application are divided among two categories. One is the buyer features and the other features are for the seller.

    Buyer features:

    1. IPhoneMyeBay allows quick key word searching along with some more advanced search options.
    2. You can also add items to your watch list so that you will be notified if there is any event of the item you added to your watch list.
    3. The time at which the bid will close it also displayed.
    4. You can also view information like current bidder, number of bids so far, highest bid and the highest bidder.

    Seller features:

    1. You can see the number of bidders who have bid for the item you want to sell.
    2. You also get full access to your complete selling list so that you can get access to details of all the items you intend to sell.

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    8bffd51cd2705b99335ce635a13dbb09 zps81c9bfed - My eBay Application For iPhone


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