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Thread: PuzzleManiak For iPhone and iPod Touch

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    candel PuzzleManiak For iPhone and iPod Touch

    PuzzleManiak is puzzle game for iphone and ipod touch. This iphone game contains a set of 20 puzzles and each time you play any puzzle itís always new. The developers have ensured that you never end up playing same game again. The 20 games included in the set are namely Bridges, Dominosa, Filling, Galaxies, Loopy, LightUp, Mines, Net, Pattern, Rectangles, Sudoku, Slant, Tents, Unequal, Untangle, Blackbox, SameGame, Pegs, Guess and Map. This set will cost you approx $6 and if you want to buy individual game you can do that also but it will prove to be costly at $1 for each game.

    ico main - PuzzleManiak For iPhone and iPod Touch

    Each time you play any game, the stats related to game are saved and a record is kept for different difficulty levels which measure from easy to very hard. The best part about PuzzleManiak is that there is a web challenge available daily on a game and for that all the users will have a common puzzle to play so that you can compare your scores with the rest of world players. To make the game more interesting there is another mode called special web challenge which also works the same way but with difference that the users do not know which game itís going to be beforehand. There is another new online mode called players challenge mode in which you can upload your score of the game you have just played and let others know your mettle.

    The game is released in many languages which include English, Dutch, French, Japanese and Spanish. One thing I forgot to tell you that if you buy the game individually then you are going to have a lot on icons on your display, so better take care to make it modular. You can find the rulers of the different games from this link, RULES, the rules are however available in the game also .

    Download PuzzleManiak

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