Generous Gift

While most actors choose to buy their dream bungalows and fancy cars, Bollywood's latest blue-eyed boy Neil Nitin Mukesh prefers to do otherwise. He did none of the above. Instead, he quietly went ahead and bought two bikes with his hard-earned money. One for himself and another one for his dad's manager whom he affectionately calls Rambo. “It was my way of showing my love and affection for Rambo. It's not an expensive gift, but Rambo likes to ride bikes, so I decided to gift him one of his favourite bikes, but on one condition… he will ride it safely and will always wear his helmet," grins Neil. How thoughtful!

Positive Response
Sameera Reddy has just had an image makeover. +++y Sam is doing crazy things these days. And then there’s the crazy one she did in One Two Three. But these 'dumb acts' seem to be a smart move on Sameera's part. Apparently, she is thrilled at the response she has been garnering from her close friends. Now, close friends are always kind. But her performances left even the critics 'dumbstruck'!