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Thread: Stock Manager - Check Stocks On Your Windows Mobil

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    candel Stock Manager - Check Stocks On Your Windows Mobil

    Stock manager is a very powerfool application.It works on palm platform.This application acts as a portfolio manager for all of your stock is a very handy application to have especially if you are busy.It updates the stock prices of all the stocks present in your portfolio whenever you connect your pocket pc to either a modem or an mobile phone. It makes use of the internet to update the stock prices.
    new picture7 225x300 - Stock Manager - Check Stocks On Your Windows Mobil

    The system requirements for using this software are:
    Free RAM space of 170 kb
    Palm OS 2.0
    Palm Pilot Professional

    Features of stock manager are:
    It not only updates the stock value to the current one it also shows you the days high and low,the change in its value since opening and the value of the share traded on a given day.
    It can you quote the stock prices and the statistics of the stock in different currencies.
    It can update the stocks of different exchanges in differnet countries for example BSE and NSE of India,NASDAQ and DOW JONES of USA.other countries supported are Canada ,Australia ,New Zealand ,Singapore ,Kuala Lampur ,Taiwan and Korea.
    In this you can make an portfolio,make notes,view graphs and pie charts showing the price movement over a certain time period.
    With the help of stock manager you can also transfer your portfolio to a .CSV file which useful for tax purposes.
    You can also receive alerts regarding price updates,profit being made and the profit percentage.

    To summarize stock manager is an handy application with the help of which you can keep yourself updated to the price changes taking place inside the exchnages.You can manage your portfolios while sitting in a office meeting.

    Download Stock Manager

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    Default Re: Stock Manager - Check Stocks On Your Windows M

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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