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Thread: Fastlane Street Racing Game For iPhone

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    candel Fastlane Street Racing Game For iPhone

    Fastlane Street Racing is car-racing game developed for Iphone. It is currently the best racing game for iPhone offering high quality graphics. You are pitted against three other cars in the race. The game offers a very real look in terms of light that is sunny, day or night. It offers you very good visuals.
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    The key features of the game are:
    It provides you with a complete arcade experience.
    It offers you high quality graphics and visual effects.
    The number of frames per second is also good. You do not feel as if you are missing frames.
    You can change the camera views.
    It shows you different statistics of the race like speed and gear.
    There is also an option to view the replays.
    The game has good soundtracks running in the background and at the start of the race.
    The game can be played in three different modes:

    o Arcade Mode: In arcade mode, you need to reach different checkpoints within a specified time limit. New races are unlocked upon the successful completion of a race. There are 12 races to be completed.

    o Tim Trial Mode: In time trial mode, you need to complete a race before a predefined time either set by you or default.

    o Challenger Mode: In challenger mode, you need to complete the race with some constraints like time or a particular position.

    new picture 6 300x200 - Fastlane Street Racing Game For iPhone

    The controls of the game are as follows:
    The car is steered left or right by tilting the iPhone in that direction.
    The car is accelerated using the gas pedal and the brakes can be put on using the brake pedal.

    The game is a good buy in the Apple App Store. The game can be downloaded from the apple iTunes store. The link is given below:

    Download Fastlane Street Racing
    Overall, it is an excellent racing came once you get a hold of things of how to move in sharp bends and corners. The game has till date received very good reviews. However, there is no option of a career in this game.

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    Default Re: Fastlane Street Racing Game For iPhone

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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