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Thread: Smart Protect - Recover Stolen or Lost Mobile Phon

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    candel Smart Protect - Recover Stolen or Lost Mobile Phon

    Smart Protect is a mobile phone application to recover your mobile in case it is lost or stolen. This software tracks down the location of the phone and send back a message containing the current location of the phone. The application is necessary have to be on safe side in case of theft. All you need to do is register from a partner phone. You can send command from the partner phone via messages and control your phone remotely.

    new picture6 190x300 - Smart Protect - Recover Stolen or Lost Mobile Phon

    The system requirements to run the application are:
    It runs on Windows Mobile Smart phones.
    The supported versions are 5/6/6.1
    You need .NET compact framework for this application to work.

    The key features of the application are:
    Send you the current location of the phone in case it is stolen or lost.
    The message is send to a number of your friend. The number has to be saved first. You can save more than one number and you will then receive the message on that number as well.
    The application has the capability to reply with an SMS, it also makes use of GPS technology to keep track of the mobile.
    Smart Protect application can also help you to retrieve the IMSI and IMEI number (International Mobile Subscriber Identity and International Mobile Equipment Identity).
    You will also receive a message when a person tries to replace the SIM card.
    When the phone is stolen, it automatically deletes the contacts stored in the memory of the phone.
    The application is password protected and those who have access to the password can only make changes.
    You have an option, which makes the phone unusable in case of theft. Similarly, you have option for deleting contacts and sending a notification message.
    The application cannot be uninstalled easily and continues to run in the background.

    The setup required for installing the application can be downloaded free of cost. The download link for Smart Protect application is given below:
    Download Smart Protect

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    Default Re: Smart Protect - Recover Stolen or Lost Mobile

    Thanks for shairng
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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