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    Shame on those who support Israel in its unprovoked aggression.

    The US, UK, United Nations and European Union have given a tremendous and unforgettable 'gift' to Muslims worldwide, on the Islamic New Year, in the form of their silence in the face of gruesome attacks on Palestine..I still cannot come to terms with the situation in Gaza and could not bring myself to celebrate the New Year. How can one indulge in celebrating a new year, when humans are being slaughtered elsewhere? How can we not be angry when children, women, men and elderly folk are being killed arbitrarily? And when will it stop?

    The international communitys role in this crisis has been most unfortunate, to say the least. While the Arab and Muslim countries endlessly waited for the United Nations to intervene, the world body when it met for the second time in a week couldnt even pass a harmless resolution asking Israel to stop its genocidal campaign against a defenceless population. No wonder Israel doesnt give two hoots to the global opinion. As feared by many in the Middle East and around the world, Israel has followed its week-long deadly bombing of Gaza by invading the Strip.

    I strongly condemn Israel's war on Gaza and the killing of innocent Palestinians .My heart goes out to the innocent women, children and men who lost their dear ones in this senseless violence. The manner in which Israel has massacred hundreds of innocent people over the past few days, is truly disgusting I think the Arab world and international community should step forward to stop this aggression.

    I pray for sense to prevail and urge the international community and the Arab world to provide aid for the suffering Palestinians. This would be the real show of support. Otherwise, history may never forgive us.
    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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    Sab se pehle ham Muslim countries ko dub k mar jana chahye koi awaz nhi nikal rha except lebanon,iran,syria lakin un k bas main ziada kuch nhi hai
    hamen Venezuela ki example leni chahye jo ek non Muslim country hai lakin unhon ne Israeli ambassador ko apni country se sirf is waja se nikal dya k wo ghalat karhe hain

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