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Thread: EverNote - Make A Note Through EverNote [ Windows

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    candel EverNote - Make A Note Through EverNote [ Windows

    EverNote is a mobile phone application. It allows you to store any piece of information or data and allows easy retrieval in the future. The data can be accessed from any place and at any point of time. The application works independent of the platform or the device you are using. The application is useful to capture anything important at any point of time so that you do not miss fun and usual stuff.

    new picture4 225x300 - EverNote - Make A Note Through EverNote [ Windows

    The requirements for running the application are:
    It runs on Windows Mobile Smartphone version 5/6/6.1.
    The application you to first make a registration. The registration is free of cost
    You need to be connected to the net to use this application.

    The key features of the application:
    Store any piece of information.
    You can make use of any device or platform to store the information.
    You can search and retrieve the data from anywhere at any point of time.
    You can save all you data centrally.
    It allows you to create notes to store important pieces of information.
    It allows you take pictures from you mobile camera and store them.
    You can save an entire web session. You can save anything via a screenshot of that image.
    It allows you add data via drag and drop feature for the users using either windows or MAC.
    You can also mail the data using you email account.
    You can also store audio files.

    The setup required for installing the application can be downloaded free of cost. The download link for EverNote application is given below:
    Download EverNote
    Overall, it is a good application. You can store any piece of information to a central place and then access it from any place where you have a net access.

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    Default Re: EverNote - Make A Note Through EverNote [ Wind

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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