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Thread: Joost - Watch TV Videos, Music Videos On Your iPho

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    candel Joost - Watch TV Videos, Music Videos On Your iPho

    i - Joost - Watch TV Videos, Music Videos On Your iPho

    Joost is an iPhone Application.Joost allows you to watch all types of videos like TV, music videos and movies over the internet. It allows you to do a lot more. It provides you with a lot options. You can browse through different genres and watch the most popular videos on Joost .Currently Joost has approximately 46000 videos that you can watch on your iphone. You can use Joost wherever you are having WiFi connectivity for example college campus, boardrooms, parks etc.

    new picture 33 203x300 - Joost - Watch TV Videos, Music Videos On Your iPho

    The key features of the applications are:
    After installing Joost on your iPhone, you can directly view videos. You need not create an account or sign in.
    You can search for top shows on Joost. The numbers of clicks required to search a show are less.
    It allows you to watch the most shared and most popular videos.
    It offers good video quality.
    It allows you to create an account and you can add videos to your queue. You can watch those videos later.
    It also allows you to mark your favorite videos.
    You can use it at any place where you are having WiFi connectivity.

    Joost is a freeware and can be downloaded free of cost. Joost can be downloaded from iTunes app store. The link for the Joost application is given below:

    Download Joost

    You can also visit the Joost blog at the following link:

    Joost blog

    Joost faces stiff competition from YouTube. iPhone provides YouTube as a built in feature. YouTube also provides much more videos than Joost. There also seems to be problem when buffering full-length videos on Joost, which are still working perfectly fine on YouTube.
    Overall, it is an average application and may improve further. Nevertheless, at this point you can use try it to watch the popular shows and videos.

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    Default Re: Joost - Watch TV Videos, Music Videos On Your

    Thanks for shairng
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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