Flintoff wanted KP and Moores to stay

LONDON: Andrew Flintoff denied Tuesday he had stabbed Kevin Pietersen in the back in his row with coach Peter Moores, saying he wanted both of them to stay despite the bust-up that cost them their jobs.

But Flintoff admitted in an interview that he had not realised how bad things were between the two, having only rejoined the side last summer after being off for a long spell with an ankle injury.

"I hoped both of them could carry on in their jobs. I supported Kevin as captain, and I also enjoyed working with Peter," Flintoff said. "It is a shame that things had to end the way they did.

"I guess something had to happen, but I probably didn''t realise how serious it was between them. Having only been involved for a short space of time, I didn''t see it coming."

The all-rounder said he had told Pietersen before their trip to India that he wanted him and Moores to stay on, "but obviously it has not turned out that way".

Flintoff rejected any suggestions that he engineered his captain''s downfall, saying, "The support was there from me for Kevin as captain.