We all have some folders on our computers which are quite confidential to us, as we know the location of that folder and we would like monitor the changes to that folder and its contained files in it.

folder thumb - 7 Free Tools To Monitor Folder Changes

Today, we will share 7 free tools which lets you monitor folder changes not only on your hard disk but on your network too, some of them lets you configure to mail to a email id on folder content changes or sound an alarm. Folder Content changes includes file changes,renames, deletes and moving and copying etc.

Let’s discuss  all these free programs one by one and their features

1. MoniDIR 2000It can monitor the status of 20 different folders on your hard disk, Files that are deleted, changed or added to the monitored folders can be reported via e-mail or via an sound and visible alarm.

2. BeeWatcherIt is small easy to use program which lets you monitor a current folder changes and log them into a file, all changes like renaming,copying,deleting, creation and attributes gets recorded as per configuration.

3. Folder spy -  It is a very simple program coded in VB which lets you spy on a folder on your local hard disk, Folder Spy can monitor the number of files you have in a particular folder.

4. FileGuardIt can monitor a selected folder and its subfolders for changes, you can select in between modifications, renames, and deletes to monitor. FileGuard runs in the background and but show up in system tray while running.

5. FolderMonThis application is a command line tool which can be used to watch directories, subdirectories and even entire drives, you just need to supply the correct trigger to monitor them.

6. SilentNight Inspector – It is another useful tool which lets you detects and reports the  File/Folder changes like  Creation,Deletion, Attributes changes, Access date, Filesize changes etc.

7. Directory MonitorIt is a good tool to monitor file and folder changes to monitor not only the local directories but the network shares and private directories etc. Directory Monitor on the other hand provides balloon notifications and lot more. 

We hope you like the list of programs, tell us which one you like the most out of all the programs you mentioned.